As an ESOMAR Member,
Jurgita Verikienė complies with the ICC/ESOMAR Code and ESOMAR World Research Guidelines.

Our philosophy

The core of the SIC team started working in Lithuania in 1993. We constructed research models on our own, cooperated with Gallup and then with TNS. Establishing SIC we wanted more freedom in choosing solutions for our clients; deciding where and in which research methods to invest; as well as what type of analysis of social change and methodological evaluation studies best suite our market.


Our team of 15 specialists guides our clients through every stage of the life-cycle of a service, product or brand: from possibility studies to market introduction and growth management, as well as econometric modeling revising brand strategy at the peak of a lifecycle. All this is done by focusing attention upon forecasts for the future of your brand.


A majority of the SIC team has market research experience ranging from 10 to 15 years. We know what clients want from a research agency:


* we know how to translate a client’s problem into research language, research language into consumer language and consumer responses into solutions to client problems;

* the crux of our research is consulting the client’s business, not the questions posed to respondents;

* we know Lithuanian consumer very well;

* we are constantly in search of innovations and evaluate each one with a critical eye;

* we don’t sell our clients anything that they do not need – even if they ask for it intensely.


Our task is not only research. Our goal is the competitive power of our clients. We are proud to see the solutions we have found together with our clients get acknowledgement in the market.