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Client voice ONLINE

Client voice ONLINE


Today, you no longer have to keep repeating that it is important to constantly track client satisfaction, react to negative experiences and quickly resolve the causes of client dissatisfaction.


By doing so successfully, not only are current clients retained, they turn loyal in regard to a company. A larger part of clients state that they do not make return purchases or repeated use of services with firms that have not met their expectations in the past. If you react correctly to a client’s problem, helping solve it, he or she becomes more loyal and shares the experience with others.


Why is it worth hearing a client’s voice?


World-wide research shows that two-thirds of clients decide to change a company or use the services of a competitor due to poor service and the feeling of being overlooked by the firm. Only one-tenth of clients decide to change companies due to the price of a product or service.


Knowing how many satisfied clients you have, as well as the reasons for their satisfaction, allows you to manage your clients and increase their loyalty.


Why is it worth implementing Client Voice research?


Regular tracking of the quality of client service in a company is more valuable than yearly polling. Yearly polling is based on client memories, which results in approximate results. Yearly polling allows one to state a fact. However, the specific experience of a client can no longer be changed or corrected. On the other hand, research into the quality of client service provides the possibility to examine client experiences in real-time and react at once by correcting negative factors.


Client Voice research model


You will learn your client’s reaction to a purchased product or service in a period of 2 days following his or her visit to your company. All data is provided online.


Data. Polling results are renewed and provided on an Internet server, to which you have access, on a daily basis.


Unsatisfied client. Each case of an unsatisfied client shown by updated polling information is reported via email to you. Information concerning the client’s problem, as well as his or her contact information is provided. Thus, you have the opportunity to contact the unsatisfied client and solve the problem or simply show him or her attention, which in turn becomes a practical opportunity to retain your client.


Employee evaluation. Concurrently, an employee evaluation is implemented, with employees appraised based on client opinion. A quality of service meter is provided.