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Consumer sector

Considerable changes have been seen in the retail sector over the past few years. Retail trade companies, which instituted innovative solutions as part of their activities, are best positioned to meet changing consumer expectations – as if jumping off a trampoline towards profitable growth. Retail traders, who rely solely on traditional research methodologies, only researching their ever-changing consumer, are apt to find themselves in dangerous situations: reducing their incomes, market share or the long-term value of their brands. Your clients are the motivational force behind change. Your competitors – part of that movement. In seeking to be ahead of the game, researchers must operate according to the same principle.


We help clients understand and recognize those of their future consumers, who will have an influence on market growth. Each research project is tailored to individual clients. Thus, we are able to assist in introducing new products to the market, optimizing a client’s advertising expenses, clarifying new market segments or strengthening a client’s market position.


Our clients are producers of fast moving consumer goods, advertising and media agencies. We work with retailers of home appliances, clothing, and foot-ware, electronics and food products, as well as general or department stores, specialty stores and petrol stations.


Sector research:


* Evaluation of consumer need/demands;

* Brand strength;

* Brand value;

* Consumer segmentation;

* Advertising concept evaluation;

* Communications message testing;

* Measurement of communications effectiveness in the media (traditional; digital, online, WOM and PR);

* Trademark evaluation;

* New product development.


Our clients in the retail sector: Maximas, RIMI, Alita, Stumbras, Ragutis, Nestle, Vilniau pergalė, Biovela, Topo Centras, Ogmios Centras, Vision Express, USP Baltics, Šviesa, Vičiūnai, Mineraliniai vandenys.