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Financial sector

Over the past 12 months, the financial sector – especially banking – has faced a dramatic fall in trust. Once at the top of the list of dependable business activities, banks have now fallen to a strong middle position on the list. Over the short-term, we see a very real danger for further reputation damage, firstly due to a fall in solvency among clients. It seems that the whole sector should invest in the justification of its very existence. On the other hand, the financial sector will continue to become more virtual, technologically more complex and will be faced with the need to create new batches of individual services.


Our goal – to assist financial institutions in understanding consumers and market specifics in the following areas:


* Banking and payment systems;

* Insurance;

* Investment and securities.


We pay considerable attention to trends, which influence the financial service sector, such as:


* The effects of an aging population;

* Identity theft;

* The commoditization of financial products and services;

* Increased importance of a worldwide perspective;

* The role of intermediaries (financial consultants, brokers and agents).


Sector research:


* Brand and brand strategy;

* New product development;

* Reputation and image;

* Marketing communication;

* Loyalty;

* Financial monitoring.


Our clients in the financial sector: Lietuvos Draudimas, Nordea, Danske bankas, DnB NORD Bankas, Snoras, SEB bankas.