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Pharmaceutical sector

The pharmaceutical sector stands out among other our sectors. Mainly due the strict legislative regulation, advertisement restrictions and an exclusive doctor-mediator’s role for the consumer. The audience in this sector is very curious and attentive, compared to others. Medicine or vitamin buyers are much more aware of the ingredients than candy-bar buyers or the political electorate.


Sector research:
We provide both consumer and doctors’ research. We examine marketing communication programs for target markets - from the early stage (development) to marketing and brand testing, monitoring and efficiency evaluation.

  • New product development
  • Stakeholder management
  • Brand positioning
  • Segmentation and conjoint analysis
  • Market modelling
  • Secondary research and integrated analysis
  • Clinical research integration
  • Client satisfaction research
  • Health policy
  • Patients’ and services’ feedback analysis
  • Internet site evaluation


Our clients in the pharmaceutical sector: Camelia, USP Baltics, Cagedim Group.