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Technology sector

This sector is traditionally very dynamic. The greatest challenge for technology companies remains image differentiation due to the fact that technology or actual price differentiation is difficult for consumers to understand or calculate. Considerable attention must be paid to the stability of communication and the sincerity of guarantees or promises. We believe this will be the sector’s engine over the upcoming few years. The transparency of the proposal on offer unquestionably replaces status as a priority for a consumer when choosing a technology company.


We offer our assistance to:


* Telecommunications companies;

* IT, engineering service providers;

* Energy service providers;

* Industrial sector companies.


Sector research:


* Market awareness (brand market share, competitive environment, category motivators, brand similarities and weaknesses);

* Brand and sector monitoring (consumption, loyalty, openness to trademark, WOM and the observation of other indicator dynamics);

* Brand strategy (creation and observation);

* Brand communication (communication preparation – pre-testing and effect evaluation – post-testing);

* New products and services (generation of new ideas and testing);

* Corporate reputation, credibility and image;

* Consumer segmentation;

* Client satisfaction and quality of service;

* Employee loyalty.


It does not matter whether it is hardware or software, or a media outlet – we can help you understand how people use these products, brands and services, as well as the role they play in their lives.


Our technology sector clients: Omnitel, Tele2, Bite, TEO.