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Our employees


Currently out team consists of approximately 20 experienced market research professionals with university backgrounds in marketing, sociology, psychology and a variety of other fields.  Over 15 years of work in marketing and market research has given our team the valuable experience needed to provide quality consulting in the consumer, finance, technology, pharmaceutical and public sectors. A number of our employees teach at Lithuanian universities and lecture on issues related to applied-marketing.


Our values


Simplicity – or genius is found in simplicity: we do not try to teach our clients the jargon of research. We are able to present research results clearly and understandably;


Intelligence – or business ingenuity: experience in a variety of business sectors allows us to be first to provide clients with insights, which open up new business possibilities;


Challenge – or stimulating challenges: by daringly criticizing existing ways of doing things, we inspire and provide incentive for new endeavors.


Our expectations


We are constantly on the look-out for talented, energetic and consistently, goal-orientated employees, who are in tune to our values. What we expect from you:


* You enjoy your work and its results and have the capacity to share that joy with colleagues and clients;

* You have an analytical mind;

* You have a higher degree in the social sciences;

* You are interested in marketing, advertising and public relations.


Practical experience in the following areas would be an advantage:

* Excellent ability to speak and write in English;

* Consistent desire to learn and improve;

* Ability to cooperate with a various types of individuals and to gain their trust.


What we offer


Our work is interesting, creative and constantly changing. Our work environment – friendly and inventive colleagues, as well as a fantastic view from the fifth floor of the Green Hall building. A realistic possibility to regularly improve oneself, by working with the most successful companies in Lithuania, discussing best practices and learning from co-workers.


If you would like to join us, send a cover letter and CV to In the event we have something to offer you specifically, we will get in touch with you.