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Our field partners

Our field partners


Our field partners – "Europos tyrimai" – offer the most advanced data collection technologies available today. They conduct over 100,000 interviews and 200 focus group discussions per year.


Field activities are carried out by 18 regular professionals, who coordinate:


* 150 CAPI interviewers throughout all of Lithuania’s regions;

* 35 CATI interviewers at 20 CATI locations, which allow for the possibility to branch virtual calling centers to 60 CATI locations per day;

* FGD facilities at the SIC offices, which include video transmission and synchronic translation equipment.


Methods of data collection: secret shoppers, in-home testing, focus group discussions, CATI, CAWI, CAPI, PAPI and in-hall testing.


Our network of interviewers was established in 1994. Currently it covers all of Lithuania. Based on a territorial principle, interviewers are divided into 10 coordinated regions. Each region comprises 1-5 administrative areas. The work of interviewers in each area is coordinated by one supervisor.


Attention to data quality control:


* Sampling is implemented based on all random sampling requirements;

* Review of returned questionnaires;

* Ten percent of questionnaires are reviewed by phone. In the event a new interviewer has implemented the poll, 100 percent of questionnaires are reviewed.


External quality control features:


* The behavior of interviewers during the interview;

* Meeting household selection criteria.