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Qualitative research

Qualitative research reflects not only visible and rational aspects of various reactions and evaluations, but also deeper (unconscious) views, motivations, beliefs and values. This type of qualitative analysis allows modelling current client actions, as well as forecasting future needs and effective methods to satisfy those needs.



Qualitative research is widely used for


* product/manufacturer image analysis;

* describing category consumption habits and evaluation criteria;

* analysis of consumer attitudes towards the product/manufacturer;

* testing brands, products;

* advertising evaluation;

* analysis of advertising effectiveness.



Qualitative research methodology: focus group discussions (FGD) and in-depth (ID) interviews.


Six to eight respondents participate in each FGD. They are chosen randomly based on specific selection criteria. Each discussion lasts approximately 2 hours and follows a scenario which is specially prepared together with the client.


FGD is recommended for the following:


* in conjuncture with quantitative research: prior to the quantitative research in order to raise hypotheses; or following quantitative research in order to offer deeper analysis of quantitative data;

* analyzing the psychological specifics, attitudes, values and habits of targeted consumer groups;

* examining consumer behavior, motives and preferences;

* comprehensive product/service research;

* advertising research;

* public relations campaigns research;

* strategic issue management (application of the “brain storm” method);

* analyzing social issues and searching for their solutions.


During an ID, each respondent is given more time. The collected information concerning his or her experience, views, attitudes and motives is deep and detailed. IDs take place in both natural setting (respondent’s home), as well as at SIC office.


ID is recommended for the following:


* B2B research;

* polling of experts;

* discussions of personal nature.