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Strategic research

We analyze the following 5 primary aspects in regard to brand strategy:




* What is the consumer motivation in a given sector?

* What are the specifics of competition in a given sector?

* Who determines the trends in a given sector?




The capacity of a company to differentiate itself from others and create unique value in the market. The ability to differentiate distinctive characteristics on all 3 levels of image formation: the functional, the social, the emotional.


* Principal brand characteristics and competencies

* Brand personality

* Instruments best positioned to guarantee the value of a brand.




The capacity of a company to have its own sense of meaning and place in an individual’s life. That is the cost of market coverage or hold – a necessary condition for people to begin using a product. Relevance is strongly correlated to the capacity to enter a market and successfully stay there.


* Unsatisfied needs/requirements of primary client groups;

* Communications/ message effectiveness;

* Which needs accented in communications are/will remain relevant?




* Services/products

* Geography

* Target audiences




Reputation shows the degree to which a consumer likes and respects a company. The foundation of a reputation is built by respect for a company/brand. It shows how well a company services its consumers and implements publicly stated promises. Respect is based upon consumer trust. The trust indicator measures the possibility of return purchases, as well as consumer openness and desire to enter into exchange with the company: to use its services, purchase its products and buy its shares.


The priorities in a plan of action determine what type or research or polling is best suited for you.