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Tactical research

Marketing has at all times been the activity demanding rapid decision-making and rapid response. Rapid and correct decision-making is only possible if based on proper data concerning changes in the market. Changes are much faster and much more radical in a confused society. Although long-term research brings deeper comprehension, the possibility to understand and manage the consumers’ behaviour here-and-now is of no lesser importance.


Tactical research requires no less devotion and deep insight than the strategic research.


Issues with the tactical research usually revolves around several tasks:

  • Support the implementation of the direction worked out during strategic research, i.e. Translate the strategy into the consumers’ language;
  • Identify the company’s actions that help it to seek its goals, that create obstacles or devour funds in vain. Also evaluate the momentary effect of advertisement, public relations and donorship.


Several examples of tactical research:

  • Evaluation of advertisement concept
  • Advertisement tests before and after the campaign
  • Advertisement management research (memorability, associations)
  • Packaging tests